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The Yahoo! Internet Life Online Music Awards showcase, celebrate, and award revolutionary artists and online companies that embrace the power of new media.

The Call For Entries has concluded, but you can still vote for the BEST UNSIGNED ARTIST! The final nominations from which the Academy will be choosing the winners are being selected and will be announced soon!

The Yahoo! Internet Life editorial staff is currently reviewing your nominations and is narrowing each category down to 5 sites from which the Academy will pick the winner.The Academy comprises previous award winners, music and entertainment industry executives, pioneers of online music development and emerging technologies and other key players in the online music revolution.

  Best Official Artist Site:
The record label sites aren't the only place to find artist information online--many artists are taking matters into their own hands. Who's done the best job?

Best Fan Site:
Fan sites were the ORIGINAL places to be for online info, discussion and obsession - but which one is the best? You decide.
  Best Album First Released On-line:
The Internet allows artists to pre-release albums or release exclusive material to rabid fans who want it NOW! Whose on-line album release made your day?
Best Single First Released On-line:
Some artists have truly embraced the Web by exclusively releasing songs online. Tell us which song really made you stand up and listen.
  Best Music Download Site:
Where do you go to get the music? Who's got the best connections? Does size matter? (Hey, we're talking about MP3's!) You decide.
Best On-line Radio Site:
The Internet allows you to listen to a radio station in Brazil while you surf in New York. Which online radio site lets you tune in to the best music on the web?

  Best On-line Live Event:
Live events on the net are growing in popularity and scope. Which one went above and beyond to grab your attention?
Best Music Reference Site:
Who sang Video Killed the Radio Star? What's the national anthem of Poland? For the answers to these and other burning questions, your reference site is...?
  Best Overall Music Site:
Where do you go to find music news, information, special events, and downloads all in one site?
Best Unsigned Artist:
That's right... another one of those "best artist" contests... but this is one you can get excited about. For full info on our cool prize package and to enter, click here.

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