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Although Aerosmith has used the Internet since even before the arrival of the World Wide Web, doing chats on Prodigy in the early 90s, they were never seen as a particularly wired act. This year, however, they changed all that with the 3-D technology on their official site ( -- creating an online world where fans can exist and interact with the band in the form of avatars in a virtual space. It's a bizarre, thrilling new twist to the world of official artist sites -- and it's one that seems to feed directly off the band's own ideas about interaction and virtual reality. It's amazing to think that a band with so many decades of experience under its belt still continues to experiment with technology in such a way, when it could easily just sit back and watch the money keep rolling in. They're an unlikely choice to be such innovators, but that makes it even more enthralling that they have gone this route.

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